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Life is a series of defining moments. Some define the way you think while others define where you will go. They become a code by which you live your life and define the person you are; or the person you hope to be. I am no different. I remember vividly the moment that lead me to Natural Dog Training. I remember with graphic detail the moment my journey in life changed directions and brought me into the now. I will never forget that day, that split second when life as I knew it was gone. Gone Forever. I gave up. Through unconsolable tears and a broken heart, I said good bye to my loyal friend, who through no fault of his own; could no longer restrain his need, his desire, his natural self to fit into our human world. I felt helpless. I couldn't fix him, I couldn't give him what he needed because I didn't know how. I instinctually knew what he craved but could not achieve. I just didn't have the knowledge to put it into words, give it action, to bring it to life. I worked with dog trainers, veterinarians, animal behaviorists and seasoned rescue rehabilatators. We all tried everything we consciously knew, read, studied and lived. But nothing we tried brought him into balance. Nothing made him feel safe. Feel secure. Feel confident. Nothing. And so I lost him along with a part of myself.  As the days wore on and I struggled with my grief and my guilt, a close friend reached out to tell me about an NPR interview he had heard with a guy named Kevin Behan the author of "Your Dog Is Your Mirror" and my life changed again. That was the starting point on my journey to find my passion, my calling, MY Balance.


Thanks for visiting Carolina Natural Dog, a fully licensed and insured dog training, walking and boarding service. Carolina Natural Dog was founded by Skip Skipper with the goal of providing individual attention to dogs in the Lake Norman area. Skip grew up with dogs and dedicates a significant portion of his time to canine rescue; training and rehabilitating dogs as they wait to find their forever homes. 


Skip’s company started with a single client and is growing steadily. ​

As clients begin to see the positive changes in their dogs; they start spreading the word. Dogs are nomadic, social animals that require daily exercise and companionship to feel fulfilled. An unfulfilled dog is a frustrated dog and frustration equals destructive behavior in every canine. But not all dogs are the same; they have different needs, different instincts and different energies. Though we are growing; our core values have remained the same and we continue to provide a personal approach to our clients and their dogs. 


Serving the Lake Norman area including Huntersville 28078, Cornelius 28031, Davidson 28036, Stanley 28164, Denver 28037




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